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  1. Chris has to lick Emma’s ass

    April 5, 2013 by diamond

    Chris wants to fight with his mistress Emma but she is still sitting on him! He has to lick her naked ass during she is relaxing on him! He has no chance to go away! This mistress gets what she wants!

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  2. Sexy ass licking

    März 5, 2013 by diamond

    Loretta is showing you her naked ass! She is stretching his ass with her hands that you can see herr asshole much better! You get horny and you wanna lick her sexy ass! Down on your knees and start to lick!

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  3. Sexy Mistress Aileen Taylor

    Februar 18, 2013 by diamond

    Sexy Mistress Aileen Taylor has her first facesitting today and she loves to let her slave lick her sexy ass! This hot mistress wants to sit on the slaves face! She loves to humilate him with her sexy ass! So he has to lick and smell her ass during she is sitting on him!

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  4. Sexy Asslicking

    Februar 5, 2013 by diamond

    This is sexy giantess Katelyn and she loves to show you her sexy jeansass! You wanna lick her ass? Then she pulls down her jeans to let you lick her naked ass with only wearing a thong!

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  5. Marina’s asslicker slave

    Januar 6, 2013 by diamond

    Marina loves her ass and so she wants his slave to worship her ass! He has to look at her sexy jeansass and of course he has to kiss and lick this wonderful ass with his tongue! He is her asslicker slave!

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  6. Asslicking video with Jenny

    Dezember 17, 2012 by diamond

    Hot girl Jenny is sitting on your face today! She takes a seat with her sexy black jeansass! Princess Jenny wants you to sniff and lick her great jeansass! During you do that she is telling you, what she has made with your money!

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  7. Lick sexy Amy’s ass

    Dezember 6, 2012 by diamond

    You are only her ass licker slave so she has a job for you today! She wants to feel your tongue against her ass cunt! Come on little slave you have to lick her ass hole, too! Sexy Amy knows what she wants so do it!

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  8. Lick her spit ass

    August 11, 2012 by diamond

    That’s a real hot jeansass and Mercedes loves to show you her ass! But before you have to lick her ass, she takes off her jeans and spit on it! Then she puts her jeans on again! You have to lick her spit from her sexy jeansass! Let’s go!

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  9. Lick Melena’s jeansass

    Juni 13, 2012 by diamond

    Sexy Melena is a very sexy hot russian mistress who speaks english! She loves to humilate you and she loves when you lick her sexy jeansass. She is riding your face with her pink jeansass and she orders you to lick harder and more! Melena enjoys it and you have to lick her till she gets an orgasm! So lay down and lick this russian jeansass!

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  10. Clean My Ass Slave

    April 13, 2012 by diamond

    I woke up this morning after binging on some ice cream last night … and I had some nice loud gas while I was in bed. Then I went to the bathroom and sat on my throne and took a nice, smelly shit and made my slave stick his head into the bowl and smell! LOL Then I decided I would give him the pleasure of cleaning my shitty asshole with some wipes. Enjoy!

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